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Andrew Glaze

An out-of-work writer?

I went into the employment office last week.
Not to get job, just to look at listings.

That local grey brick building with long waiting lines, take a number and bureaucrats.
I know that making contacts and online resumes is the way to go.
But I also wanted to speak to another human.
“I’m just looking to try something new. Get some different experience,” I told the elderly lady at front counter.
“I’ve never met an out of work writer before,” she said, looking me up and down with suspicion.
“I’m not out of work, I just want to see what’s available.”
“This is not the ‘Let’s see what’s open’ line. Are you a vet?”
“Then take seat. We will call you.”
An hour later the interviewer looked at me “I’ve never met an out of work writer before.”
This time I laughed.
I started to ask him if he ever met Hemingway or Dickens but I remembered the first law of dealing with bureaucrats, ‘ Nobody likes a smart butt.’
“Let’s get some information first. Name?”
Really? It’s all on the sheet in front of you.
“This is for my records.”


Can I have your attention?

Yesterday I sat and watched people at the local mall.
Everyone either had a cell phone in their hands or one up to their ear.
It’s amazing.
Couples sat together playing on their phones instead of talking to each other.
A mother stared at her phone, checking ‘who knows what’ on Facebook while ignoring a child.
People waiting in line at the grocery stores, fast food restaurants or anywhere, don’t speak to each other.
They look at their phones.
The ability to start and carry on a conversation with another person is dying a slow death across America.
Later, sitting in a restaurant, I noticed a family coming in for a meal.
All four played on their phones through the entire meal without saying a word to each other.
Instead of having a bonding experience, it turned into an escape for everyone.
How sad.
As I walked outside, I met an old friend who started to show me photos of his new boat.
“Cool,” I said.
His phone beeped. Talking stopped while he scrolled through his text messages.
End of conversation. I lost him.
How rude. See ya.


Who’s writing all these self-help articles?

Is the same person writing all the self help articles?

Who writes all these self-help articles I’ve noticed on the web?
Did they all attend the same school?
Maybe it’s the same person with different pen names.
Who knows. They all seem the same.

Here’s some examples:
Can someone explain to me what ‘mindfulness’ is.

Abilene bound?

As a young reporter I covered hundreds of city council and public board meetings of different government agencies. New taxes, no problem.
New spending on an engineering study for a new subdivision? Ok. No discussion, no asention, no kidding. All the members agreed. ‘All those in favor raise your hand.’ Everyone in agreement, gavels come down, measure passes without a peep of debate. Whew. What was in that measure? How much did it cost? I asked my learned editor the reason behind these rubber stamp actions. (more…)