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I love the smell of old books

I love the smell of old books.
There’s something about holding a book in your hand, thumbing through the pages, skipping from the front to the back.
Paperbacks are dead.
So I have almost a thousand books on my phone.
I can read any of them wherever and when I want.
But I yearn for the days of walking into a used book store.

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Time to waste time

Oh good, the chores are all done, no work, a sunny day.
Time to waste a little time. Nothing to do, nowhere to go.
Let’s look at Facebook and see what everybody’s up to. Some funny posts, some sad.
Gotta get something done though, time is slipping away.
Let’s read some junk emails. They really are piling up.
The Nigerians are at it again. “You have been selected to receive 20 billion dollars.”
Lucky me.

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Is speech really free?

With the passing of the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church leader a few years back, it got me to thinking.
Is our freedom of speech really free?
I know the law says we are not allowed to stand up in a crowed theater and yell fire. But is our right to free speech be eroded and diminished to the point of stopping free expression?

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Why do protesters jump up and down?

The other day I watched a mob of paid protesters on television.
They were walking and jumping up and down on a city street.
Funny. What ever happened to sit in’s, shouting, screaming, rocks or lighting cars on fire?
Jumping up and down?

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No eggnog after Christmas?


Ever crave eggnog after Christmas?

Lemonade in Feburary?
How about a big slice of mincemeat pie in March or July?
Not gonna happen. Unless I find for an online website with free shipping and wait three weeks.

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