Yesterday I sat and watched people at the local mall.
Everyone either had a cell phone in their hands or one up to their ear.
It’s amazing.
Couples sat together playing on their phones instead of talking to each other.
A mother stared at her phone, checking ‘who knows what’ on Facebook while ignoring a child.
People waiting in line at the grocery stores, fast food restaurants or anywhere, don’t speak to each other.
They look at their phones.
The ability to start and carry on a conversation with another person is dying a slow death across America.
Later, sitting in a restaurant, I noticed a family coming in for a meal.
All four played on their phones through the entire meal without saying a word to each other.
Instead of having a bonding experience, it turned into an escape for everyone.
How sad.
As I walked outside, I met an old friend who started to show me photos of his new boat.
“Cool,” I said.
His phone beeped. Talking stopped while he scrolled through his text messages.
End of conversation. I lost him.
How rude. See ya.
I relish talking to older people.
They do not text on their phone while talking to someone.
No IPhone in hand. No Android in the middle of a conversation.
They carry on real conversations all the way to the end.
It’s just two people speaking.
They listen while I talk. They talk while I listen.
Simple back and forth.
It ends with, “Have a nice day, it’s good talking with you.”
A coversation with a ‘phone junkey’ on the other hand, is different.
It starts with something like, “have you seen the new deer boxing video on Facebook? It’s funny. ”
“No,” I reply. “How’s the job going?”
“Oh, I just posted a rant about my boss. It got 53 likes and 18 comments.”
His eyes go back to the screen and his thumb started flipping to the next post.
End of conversation.
Where’s the old people when I need them?
It’s a shame. When they’re gone, who’s going to talk to each other?
This morning, I sat down between two co-workers sitting at table in the breakroom.
They texted to each other in silence-then broke into peels of laughter.
How boring.
I got up and walked away.