Who writes all these self-help articles I’ve noticed on the web?
Did they all attend the same school?
Maybe it’s the same person with different pen names.
Who knows. They all seem the same.
Can someone explain to me what ‘mindfulness’ is?
I used to think it meant to be mindful of another person.
Or be mindful not to step in that hole in the middle of the road.
I don’t know.
Am I suppose to be mindful of what I think.
If that’s the case, I need to work on my thoughts of revenge, mayhem or hurting another person when they do something childish.

Another trend circulating around the web is the list of ways to motivate yourself.
You’ve seen them. ‘126 ways to motivate yourself and get more done. ‘
Here is Number 19.
‘Take a break, you have done enough thinking today.’
Or number 34.
‘Get a friend to help you do whatever it is you are doing.’

If I’m sitting around wondering what I should do, I might as well have some company.
Wouldn’t want to do anything alone.
Another tip is to ‘Eat right.’
Here again, I don’t want to gain weight while my new friend and I decide what to do.
To combat some of this physiological junk that’s not working in this old world, I have developed my own system.

It’s called Andy’s Way.
It’s a new take on a set rules passed down from generation to generation in my family.
It’s proven method of getting things done without self-help books, psychologists or anybody else.
My parents used it and after extensive research, I found out a lot of other parents have used similar methods.
If you use some of these, please give me a little bit of credit.

First, are your tasks completed?
Why not?
Get them done.
Are you dealing with a bad day?
Didn’t get that promotion?
Boss yell at you?
You have a choice.
And it’s an easy choice.
Quit or get on with it.
If you want to quit, have something else lined up before you make the leap.
If you don’t quit, take care of business and do the hard things first.

Did your parents say to you as a child, “Ah it’s OK to come in the last place, here’s a trophy? ”
No, chances are they told you to go and do your homework or finish your chores.

If you were lucky, they told you to work harder at what you were doing.
They taught you about the right foods to eat.
They told you to train harder and practice longer.
Not everybody gets first place.
And there are not any participation trophies for showing up at work or anything else you do.
So, stop whining. Put your grown up panties on and get something done.