The other day I watched a mob of paid protesters on television.
They were walking and jumping up and down on a city street.
Funny. What ever happened to sit in’s, shouting, screaming, rocks or lighting cars on fire?
Jumping up and down?

Maybe things would get interesting if they started to throw rocks at the police.
(They have to earn their money after all)
Some protestors carried signs saying, “Don’t do it. Not today. ”
Must be a pogo stick recall or Jack-in-the-Box had some bad food.
Then the television announcer said they just hated the president’s health care changes.
A city street seemed like the wrong place to jump around.
Why not in front of the congressmen proposing the changes?
I started to switch channels when two jumpers collided, fell to the pavement and stepped on by the oncoming crowd.
That’s funny. Now they had my attention.
When two paramedics showed up to dress their wounds, I started to feel sorry for the jumpers.
Will they be eligible for workman’s compensation?
Does their current insurance cover jumping injuries in front of an oncoming mob?
So in the sprit of fairness I’m offering some advice to people who love to jump up and down at protests:
-If you feel the urge to jump up and down, don’t do it. Sit down instead.
It’s much safer.
Sit-in protests also are more effective.
History has shown they are better at gathering sympathy for a cause.

-Make sure you have good insurance coverage. I’m not sure if you are covered during a pro-insurance rally. Are you covered during an anti-insurance protest?
Also, if you are sitting down when the police arrive to arrest you, they simply pick you and carry you to the poky instead of making you ride to the hospital in an ambulance.