With the passing of the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church leader a few years back, it got me to thinking.
Is our freedom of speech really free?
I know the law says we are not allowed to stand up in a crowed theater and yell fire. But is our right to free speech be eroded and diminished to the point of stopping free expression?

Here’s the case in point.

I did not do it but I would have stood beside the Westboro people to defend their right to say what they wanted to.

I thought it was despicable and gross the way the picketed service members funerals.
The one group of people who died to give them that right and freedom.
I disagreed with their methods but the Supreme Court and I stood by their right to free speech.
In other countries they would have been shot or dragged through the streets then hanged in the public square.
Another case. Paula Dean.
Have the scoffers and the naysayers become the majority and the elite?
If someone’s opinion does not match the fashion statement of the day does it banned from being spoken about?
Just because I do not agree with everything a person believes, does not make the person a racist or a fag. When did that happen in America.
I’m not going to change your core beliefs and I doubt your going to change what I think but I will listen to you and fight for your right to say it.