Oh good, the chores are all done, no work, a sunny day.
Time to waste a little time. Nothing to do, nowhere to go.
Let’s look at Facebook and see what everybody’s up to. Some funny posts, some sad.
Gotta get something done though, time is slipping away.
Let’s read some junk emails. They really are piling up.
The Nigerians are at it again. “You have been selected to receive 20 billion dollars.”
Lucky me.

Now only a couple of hours shot, there’s s still time to do something.
It’s my free time. Right?
Ok, over to Twitter to read the 2,000 daily posts.
Same old junk. Different viewpoints with some humor to keep it interesting.
Now over to the granddaddy of all time wasters-Stumbleupon.
If you ever want to kill time, this is the place.
Whew. What fun? I didn’t know cats could do so many things.
Two hours later I discovered that there’s more weird junk on the internet than one person can handle.
I feel like a worm eating through a can of green beans only to discover I’m sitting in the middle of a landfill.
Really have to get something accomplished now, it’s mid-afternoon and still now much production on anything.
Good thing the dishes are done.
“Why don’t you pull out your paint box,” Robin muses.
I would-but that takes too long.
Besides, it’s more fun to see how many funny cat videos I can look at.