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Living in tight quarters is easy

My wife and I live in a recreational vehicle.
People often ask me, “how can you live in such a small area and not kill each other.”
I often respond, “because we love each other and…”
Consider this:
To walk from my living room to the kitchen is only three steps instead of twenty. I can smell Robin’s delicious cooking faster.


No texting please

Yesterday I sat and watched people at the local mall.
Everyone either had a cell phone in their hands or one up to their ear.
It’s amazing.
Couples sat together playing on their phones instead of talking to each other.
A mother stared at her phone, checking ‘who knows what’ on Facebook while ignoring a child.
People waiting in line at the grocery stores, fast food restaurants or anywhere, don’t speak to each other.

Is the same person writing all the self-help articles?

Who writes all these self-help articles I’ve noticed on the web?
Did they all attend the same school?
Maybe it’s the same person with different pen names.
Who knows. They all seem the same.

Here are some examples:
Can someone explain to me what ‘mindfulness’ is?
I used to think it meant to be mindful of another person.
Or be mindful not to step in that hole in the middle of the road.
I don’t know.
Am I suppose to be mindful of what I think.
If that’s the case, I need to work on my thoughts of revenge, mayhem or hurting another person when they do something childish.

An out-of-work writer?

I went to the employment office last week.
Not to get a job, just to look at listings.

You know the place. It’s that local grey brick building with long waiting lines, take a number and bureaucrats.
I know that making contacts and online resumes are the way to go.
But I also wanted to speak to another human.
“I’m just looking to try something new. Get some different experience,” I told the elderly lady at the front counter.
“I’ve never met an out of work writer before,” she said, looking me up and down with suspicion.
“I’m not out of work, I just want to see what’s available.”
“This is not the ‘Let’s see what’s open’ line. Are you a vet?”
“Then take a seat. We will call you.”